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Welcome to Ntegral Design Creative Studio

NDCS is a creative boutique operated by Art Director, Photographer and Conceptual Creative, J. Nathaniel Dicke. Nate, as he is known to friends and colleagues, is an independent freelance creative with a singular mission, to provide clients with personalized attention and a wide range of creative services on a contract or project-by-project basis.

Since beginning my career in the late 90s, I have worked with many clients and stakeholders and held a number of job titles from Production Artist, Motion Graphics Designer, Voice Over Artist and Video Producer, Graphic Designer, and Art Director. I am a multidisciplinary creative with fifteen years of real world experience analyzing information and translating it into a communicative, results-driven package. I offer behavioral insight, artistic direction and technical expertise. As expected I am a master of industry-standard software tools with well-honed presentation skills. I am available for contract work in the twin cities metro area and beyond. If you have immediate questions, please direct them to, info@ntegralinteractive.com. You can read more about my work history under my bio.


Looking For Evermore Photography Minneapolis, You're In The Right Place

In addition to Art Direction and Graphic Design Services, I also offer my skills as a photographer for both business clients and individuals. I specialize in personal photography and creative portraiture, doing business as Evermore Photography, Minneapolis. You can browse fine art photography for sale and view portraiture samples on the Evermore Photography website.


Experience A Different Approach—Creative Services Available From NDCS

Creative services is a very broad term encompassing everything from brand development to campaign launch and management, and I've experienced them all. The difference between dealing directly with a creative boutique like myself rather than an account rep or a placement firm comes down to two points: You Will Save Time & You Will Save Money. As stated, when you hire NDCS you're dealing directly with the source. Having your needs qualified begins with a single phone call. Step one is getting to know you, your product (or brand) and anything else you'd like to share about your long term goals. If I am able to assist you, we'll talk terms, if not, I will let you know that too. Here's some basics:

1) Language Study & Preliminary Design:
You talk, I listen. Then I research your competitors and your marketplace. Then I analyze the collected info, and develop a compelling brand-based strategy. Then I create two or three preliminary design directions, followed by a review and critique… and coffee and donuts—or a cold beer—it usually depends on the time of day.

2) Design Refinement:
After getting your initial reaction and feedback to the initial creative, I refine and edit the work, further developing the visual and verbal language. Elements are chosen for authenticity and ability to speak directly to the needs and desires of your target audience. I do my best to combine and hone the very best aspects of our first design endeavors into one unified direction—one that makes us all feel certain about the future.

3) Design Production & Execution:
In this, the final stage, I combine the agreed-upon brand elements and key messages with some more outstanding design. The result is a distinctive and memorable plan of action concocted specifically to get the meaningful results you want. The sheer expanse of this phase depends on the focus of your brand message. It can be as simple as a graphic style guide, or—as happens with many of my past clients—it may involve ongoing messaging, current product refinement and/or new product creation.

The majority of my past projects fall into one or more categories, here are some examples:

Behance Instagram Smugmug

J. Nathaniel Dicke / NDCS on Behance.net

From photography to graphic design, my Behance page features the latest stand-out work from NDCS. There's also a retrospective of works dating back to as early as 2003, featuring projects for clients like True Value Hardware, various logos and marks and more.

J. Nathaniel Dicke on Instagram

From motorcycle trips, updates from events and from the road, my Instagram account is a potpourri of images and artwork made in the moment and socialized for the public to enjoy.

Evermore Photography, Minneapolis Gallery

Since 2010, I have been accumulating ever-increasing amount of quality work and this is where the best of the best gets stored. You can browse through the many categories—see something you like, it may even be available for purchase.

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