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Using Stock Photographs To Represent Your Brand And Corporate Culture—Seriously?
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J. Nathaniel Dicke, Conceptual Creative

Being a Conceptual Creative means designing beyond the visual aesthetic. As Conceptual Creatives we tell stories, we develop the ‘big ideas’ that connect with the consumer on a deeper level, giving brands and products humanity and life. Simply put, I turn concepts, ideas and complex information into tangible content that gets read, watched, listened to and acted on. Since beginning my career as a production artist I have worked with clients and stakeholders as a Graphic Designer, project lead and ultimately Art Director. I am a multidisciplinary designer with fifteen years of real world experience analyzing information and translating it into a communicative, results-driven package. I offer behavioral insight, artistic direction and technical expertise. As expected I am a master of industry-standard software tools, work flow and process improvement, I work well with others and I possess well-honed presentation skills.

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DOVA* Courses Visual Arts, University of Chicago, Chicago Illinois
AAS Graphic Design, 1998, Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois

*Department of Visual Arts, University of Chicago Bachelor’s Program courses included studio and non-studio courses: Visual Language, Figure Drawing, Color Theory, Photography

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